Work with the TGA

Robert Laycock has been involved with the Turfgrass Growers Association since its inception. In 1996, he was commissioned to produce their quality standards document, using simple measurements to enable growers to objectively assess the botanical composition and describe their cultivated turf. The TGA standards are strict and can be used by members of the Association to define the quality of their cultivated turf for the benefit of customers.

This major advance means that anyone buying turf under the scheme from a TGA member can receive a certificate, prepared shortly before harvest, describing the characteristics of the turf they are purchasing. The content of grasses in the turf is assessed using an optical point quadrat based on that developed by Robert Laycock when he worked at STRI.

A growing number of specifiers of turf, such as landscape architects and local authorities are now stipulating that it should be certified in this way.

He has also contributed to meetings of the British Standard Committee while at Rolawn in the 1990s and on behalf of the TGA in 2013.