Magazine Articles

While a research scientist at the Sports Turf Research Institute I wrote many papers, some jointly, on the trials I was running. It was in 1992 that I first started my first agronomy business and had my own monthly column in Turf Management magazine. Since then I have continued to write articles, often on controversial topics, and these are a selection.

1st January 1980

A new optical point quadrat frame for the estimation of cover in close-mown turf

R. W. Laycock and P. M. Canaway. J. Sports Turf Research Institute, 56, 91-92. This is the original description of the equipment which is still the only acceptable technique for estimating the % composition of turfgrass communities. It is cited in the American Society of Agronomy monograph ‘Turfgrass’ (1992) and is widely used around the world. A reversible form of this optical [...]